 The first conference and exhibition in the middle east taking place in Dubai, united Arab emirates, and it gathers GCC countries under one roof represented by the participation of the biggest public and private economical sectors
 The event activities will be broadcasted live on satellite channels, and participating sectors will be rewarded
 For the first time the event will be host to the elite of formal spokesmen and decision makers with a distinguished presence of business and finance men and women from the GCC and international companies, discussing the potential ways of collaborative investments
 The 1st and biggest conference and exhibition in the middle east occupying a space of 6000 square meters, including more than 600 exhibitors and more than 2000 participate in the conference from all over the world for 5 days
 The first exhibition in the GCC, each pavilion presents a GCC country, with an exhibition that contains the most important economical sectors from the country private and the public sectors as shows in the attached map
 More than 2000 international and economical figures
 Investments opportunities will be introduced for the 1st time in the GCC by the participating countries
 16 workshops will accompany the events activities according to the economical sectors participating in the event (petrol, industry, trade, investments, communication, computers, contracting, insurance, transportation, agriculture, medicine, media, education and culture, food and beverage)
 “Economy Makers” exhibition and gathering is the most important economical event aiming at promoting the GCC and Arabic exports in the local and international makers, and develops investment opportunities and collaborative between Arabic and international companies
 “economy makers” encyclopedia Is the first economical documentary reference in the GCC divided in 6 parts, and includes accurate and through information about each country and the performance of private and public sectors companies