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Top 10 GCC Cities ●●● and Real Estate Leaders Achievements


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Elements and Features of the Annual Membership within Top10 GCC Cities and Real Estate Leaders Achievements program



For the participation in Top10 GCC Cities and Real Estate Leaders Achievements program, the company participating in the annual membership will get Masdr SIM card with blackberry mobile for free which will provide you with information from the most important international communication services providers in the Gulf countries. This service is provided for the first time in the middle east countries for the business sector in particular and to the elite of the individuals sector. Masdr card ( ) is considered the first information card in the world that provides economical information services of more than one hundred informational services from seven channels and 22 Arabic and global countries, which insures that the business and individual sectors get the service and the most important economical events. These services are ( The Event of the Hour: which covers the most important economic projects, Today's Event: which covers the important event during the day, Person of Today: which covers the inauguration of the most important economical event daily, Eye on the Economy: which covers the economical information of more than 2 million company, Online Market: which covers the stock and currency market in 22 countries, Sports: which covers the sports news of more than ten sectors in it, Beauty and Health: which covers the medical discoveries and the most important shows of beauty houses and fashion around the world (Example Click here).



First Category

Information Contact

For the annual membership in Top10 GCC Cities and Real Estate Leaders Achievements program, your company get Business and Finance Club Magazine monthly (12 issues annually), in addition to the promotion and the wide spread of your company, through joining 16.000 annual participants of the magazine customers that reach them monthly in the GCC countries and the Arab world, and through the largest distribution network in more than 22 countries all over the world. Each issue will include the most important (10) economic sectors, that sectors are: ( Oil and Gas , Tourism , Medical , Transportation , Industry , Finance and Investment , Real Estate , Insurance , Education, and Communication). Each issue will cover the economical achievements that are achieved in each city of the top 10 cities in the GCC Countries. The monthly issues . (Example Click here)

Second Category

The annual membership in Business and Finance Club Magazine




For the annual membership in Top10 GCC Cities and Real Estate Leaders Achievements program, your company will get an electronic listing in the Online Daily Magazine around the clock for a whole year, in the form of a banner dimensions (190*250 px) and this banner will appear during the day as (30 appearing per day), (900 appearing per month) and (11000 appearing per year). (Example Click here)

Third Categoryd

The annual advertisement in the Electronic Daily Magazine


For the participation of your company in Top10 GCC Cities and Real Estate Leaders Achievements program, your company will get an Information Center "info me" membership, which qualifies your company to access the electronic search and inquiry for a whole year, this information center can be used for searching and find information about commercial company and corporations inside "Info Me" Database that include more that 2 million Company World Wide Within most important economic sectors, then "Info Me" will return back the result categorized as follow : (Company Name / activity /Country /City /Person in Charge / Job / No. of Employees / Geographical Location of the Company / Logo / Contact No. / Address / Website), in addition to Masdr Card ( ) membership that offers services like discounts on the reservations and accommodations in the regional and international hotels and car renting and more other benefit.

Fourth Category

Electronic Information Center

For the participation of your company in Top10 GCC Cities and Real Estate Leaders Achievements program, the participated company in the annual membership will be given a free listing of the informational data both in Arabic and English languages in 1/4 information page size (21x 29.7) in horizontal form, which will include the commercial name, the logo of the company, the chairman name, business, its sister companies, the post box. This information will be listed in the Gulf Atlas encyclopedia that covers all the achievements of the top10 GCC cities, in addition to the information listing about the best ten thousand in the Gulf region in the top10 economic sectors. With that reference there will be a CD that includes all the Gulf Atlas Data through which you can use the electronic inquiry of INFOME service. Example click here.


Gulf Atlas

For the annual membership in Top10 GCC Cities and Real Estate Leaders Achievements program, three members of your company will attend and participate in the workshops related to your commercial business. There will be 10 workshops that will be held for two days according to the schedule of each workshop. This event will invite more than 5000 of great business and finance men, experts and economical analysts from different parts of the world to discuss and highlight the investment opportunities and projects available in the region which gives your company the chance to achieve concrete economic benefits through that typical economical Gulf gathering. (To enter the workshops page, click here)

Sixth Category

Honoring Ceremony and the workshops

Only 2,550$ - Two thousand and five hundred and fifty Dollars/ Paid on behalf of Business & Finance Group Total Amount
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