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  About Gourmet:

The company has expertise and high performance excellence, in all activities. Its nutrition activity, subsistence and supply are unique activities, of the company, where the company. The company has exchanged agreements, of experience, with leading global companies, in this area, to ensure providing the best services, in accordance, with the following criteria:
- To attract and bring competencies of qualified and trained hands, to prepare all kinds of foods, and do regular health examination, for all food providers (health certificates).
- Training, rehabilitation and continuing supervision by a supervision and follow-up
- Evaluation and continuous assessment of quality management.
- - Insurance and selection of varieties of foods (fresh) High Quality, with taking into account the diversity, and making sure they contain all the needs of the human body from proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates , fat, and salt.
- Providing all the advanced and healthy devices necessary, for the preparation of foods.
- Ongoing cleaning, in the site of food preparation, with good hygiene of all food providers.

Our Vision
To be the first food company, leading in the provision, of food services, catering and accommodation, with high quality and outstanding service, and to lead solutions and permanent development, in this area.
Our Mission
To work together, to provide the best products, in the food and catering areas, to our customers, and innovative ideas and efforts, of our staff specialists, who represent the top and highest competencies in their field.
- Excellence:
We strive, to be the unique company, in this area, and do the work properly, beyond customer expectations.
- Credibility:
We strive to fulfill and believe, in our promises, to our customers and abide, by the teachings of our religion, in our dealings, among ourselves and among our customers.
- Development:
We seek to renew and develop our business, in innovative ways, to touch our highest levels of international quality.

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