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Top 10 GCC Cities ●●● and Real Estate Leaders Achievements 2011
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    • Business and finance group launches Top 10 GCC Cities project about real estate leadership and achievements. The launch of this media and economic project comes to cover
    • Economic Accomplishments

    • This event is regarded as the first joint economic Gulf grouping between the performances of the secretariats and municipals of the Top 10 GCC Cities.t
    • Letters of the Strategic Support

    • Letter of Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs Letter of Jeddah Municipality Letter of Jeddah Municipality 2 Letter of Holy Capital Letter of Eastern Province Municipality
    • Program Features and Activities

    • This program is the first and largest specialized event which highlights the main accomplishments and those being implemented in the top (10) ten GCC Cities
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    • The Board of Directors of the Business and Finance Group expresses to you its regards and wish you further progress and prosperity, and we are pleased
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    • The Business & Finance Group is pleased to invite you to participate in the Forum & Ceremony of Real Estate Leaderships and Accomplishments of GCC Cities under the sponsorship of Jeddah
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    • Info ME Information Center electronic specialist section in queries with regard to electronic companies, sectors and information about companies, you can ask a question and be
    • Program of Advertising Participant

    • The Group has allocated an extensive media coverage for all the audio, visual and text media in order to deliver the information needed locally, regionally and internationally
    • Sponsorship Category

    • includes the publishing of (10) issues, where an issue is published each month for each a city participating in this event, as per the rank of each Gulf city in this letter, and the issues are published monthly by the Business & Finance Club Magazine, which is one of the Group’s media activities




The industrial sector in the GCC countries is considered a strategic support to activate the progress of economical diversification that the GCC governments depend on so as to get out of the oil economy cocoon, or the unilateral one.
Seeing the novelty of the projects and the progress of the economic and social steps in the GCC countries, the strategies of communication and transportation development have been followed each other till the roads networks in the GCC countries
With the massive technological developments which were witnessed by the international communication sector, the GCC countries have paid great attentions to that sector, especially that the GCC countries are known for their openness to the world at ..
The GCC countries have achieved a great progress in developing its tourism sector, though there are some differences in the efforts and strategies of the GCC countries to magnify the role of this sector and increase its performance in the ..
In view of the appropriations and huge resources which were allocated by the GCC countries to improve the general health levels, which accompanied by the advancement of the infrastructure of the medical sector in the GCC countries such as
Education sector is regarded as one of the luckiest sectors, as it got a great interest from the leaders and governments of the GCC countries because of its importance in modernizing and speeding the development. The development in the GCC countries has ..
The GCC countries possess huge energy resources especially Oil and Gas, not to mention that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is regarded as the first country in the world for oil reserves. The GCC investments in oil and gas amounts 300$ billion,
Oil boom in the GCC countries correlated with the council’s adoption of many plans aiming to attract investments to the region. Though the last three decays witnessed gulf investors headed to invest in other countries,
With the growth in the rates of population in the country of the council the real estate sector witnessed substantial changes during the past few years particularly in the light of the huge construction and real estate projects which were laid down by the ...
The insurance sector is considered one of the modern sectors emerged lately on the economical sectors arena in the GCC countries. The size of the investment in that sector is estimated about 17$ billion.


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