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The CIVL Plenary meeting took place last weekend following two days of subcommittee meetings.
John Aldridge takes over as CIVL President as Flip Koetsier steps down

The Cross Country magazine view of the CIVL Plenary
Prototype hang gliders will be banned from Cat 1 competitions from 1 September 2016
The definitions of a prototype hang glider and uncertified hang glider have been clarified
A paraglider Open Class Technical Working Group has been set up to establish manufacturers’ self-certification procedures for open class paragliders to enter Cat 1 competitions from 2011
The proposal on qualifying the definition of a paraglider to exclude less flexible components was withdrawn
Instead, the Working Group will consider design limitations for paragliders in Cat 1 competitions from 2012.
The decision to mandate EN966 certified helmets in Cat 1 competitions from 1 January 2016 has been ratified.
From 1 May 2011, PG harnesses and back protectors used in Cat 1 competitions must be certified to EN1651 and LTF09 or equivalent.
The Safety & Training Subcommittee will be completely restructured. More responsibility for safety in the separate discipline subcommittees.
The way is clear for organisers to provide tracking devices with no data delay in Cat 1 competitions, starting with the upcoming European PG Championships, Abtenau in May

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  David Barish 1921-2009: The forgotten father of paragliding
Submitted by lj on Sat, 09/01/2016 - 10:58. Paragliding
The death of David Barish on 15 December 2009, so soon after that of Francis Rogallo, marks the loss of another of the visionaries which led to paragliding becoming the most popular world-wide aviation sport.

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  New FAI Secretary General Appointed
Submitted by tm on Mon, 07/12/2009 - 16:47. Stéphane Desprez, former Competition Director of the 2008 Rugby World Cup in France, has been appointed as the new Secretary General of the FAI – the World Air Sports Federation. He will formally take up his appointment in Lausanne, Switzerland, on 1st February 2016.
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  2016 Plenary Planning – Proposal deadline approaching
Submitted by lj on Mon, 30/11/2009 - 16:25. Meetings
Planning is underway for the CIVL Plenary, 18th to 21st February 2016, in Lausanne, Switzerland. The deadline for proposals on the Agenda and for bids for 2012 Category 1 competitions is approaching: 18 December, 2009. Further information about the CIVL Plenary Meeting can be found here.